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About Us

Found in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Montgomery Water Ltd.  sits beneath a small range of former volcanic hills in the mid-Wales county of Montgomeryshire in the little rural village of Churchstoke.

Our spring and mineral water is infused with a host of essential minerals by virtue of its passage through these ancient rock formations and as such providing the fine taste of the water we abstract.

Although the catchment area is wide-reaching, the company has ownership of the critical areas of land around the customer dedicated sources to ensure the total protection to our water, our community and our consumers who enjoy it!



Harry and Doris Tuffin started the business – Harry Tuffin Ltd. – with a garage & 2 petrol pumps; adding a small shop soon after.


Further expansion with a 3,000²ft supermarket & petrol station at Crosslikey, Churchstoke.



Harry Tuffin Ltd. purchases Montgomery Natural Spring Water Co.



New £3 million manufacturing facility & equipment to service larger private label supermarkets.


Harry Tuffin supermarkets are sold to the Mid-counties Co-operative to allow concentration on the Spring Water side of the business.



Company launches new brand of vitamin enriched water called AquaVit.


Roy and Ruby Delves join the business (Ruby is daughter of Harry & Doris Tuffin)


Company joins the retailer co-operative NISA, enabling greater buying power of goods.



The company launches the Celtic Spring brand to be sold nationwide.



Company launches a new brand of flavoured water called Aquaroma.


£4 million investment in new high speed bottling equipment allowing the company to form the PET plastic bottles on site, which has enabled us to cut down the number loads transporting raw materials.



Installation of solar photovoltaic panels on 50% of the buildings; contributing towards 25% of total power demand. Newly invested line now up and running too.

Our Beliefs



ecological conservation by preventing any loss of natural resources whilst we undertake our work

~Customer Alliance~ 

not only colloaborating closely with our business partners, but positively enhancing our consumers' wellbeing

~Value & Quality~ 

enabling our consumers to enjoy the purest water from the volcanic hills of mid-Wales and maximising returns to our UK-wide network of distributors


~Retaining ownership of the land surrounding our waters' sources~

~Dedicating specific water sources to our customers

~Continuously investing in our facilities~ 


Our Products

Every last drip of water that finds its way into our products originates from protected free-flowing spring sources or a natural mineral sources, both of which are left as nature intended.


So what’s the difference between Mineral water & Spring water?

Mineral water undergoes a 2 year recognition process

Mineral water must be bottled at source

Mineral water cannot be treated in anyway

Mineral water maintain a constant composition



Our range consists of Plain & Flavoured still waterPlain & Flavoured sparkling water; and Vitamin enriched water.


Montgomery Water care deeply about the relationship with both our customers and consumers. For this reason, we have a range of branded products which further the company's reputation and resonate with those that support our work. Other customers are provided with products for offer under their own brands too; whatever suits our customers' needs best.

The Process

  1.   Water is collected from its particular source  
  2.   Our mineral and spring waters pass through ancient Montgomeryshire volcanic rock enriching with minerals as it goes
  3.   At the bottling stage, strict quality procedures ensure every drip is up to industry standard, but our own expectations too
  4.   Our purpose built lines bottle, label & cap our water to preserve its freshness before being enjoyed by consumers
  5.   Ultimately, enabling us to continue the work we love in respect of a sustainable society; environment; and business returns

Corporate Responsibility

Our aim is to be one of the UK’s leading water bottling businesses; ensuring this success is attained responsibly.

As a family business, we take every care to ensure we always act in the best interests of our society and the environment ~ i.e. those that live & work within the two.

.... this means staying true to our beliefs.


Through a combination of investments and improvements to our ways of working, we continuosuly seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

For instance;

~ the past couple of years has seen installation of over 2000 solar panels to generate the electricity to run our bottling lines.

~ investment of over £4 million in new bottling equipment, enabling us to form our plastic (PET) bottles on site; reducing the number of inbound deliveries by a factor of15.